These are an evolving collection of heuristics for digital thinking.  They are not complete and they will not all apply to every problem or setting.  However, they are prompts that can be drawn on when addressing a fresh context or situation to suggest ways it could be envisaged with fresh digital eyes.

The heuristics are divided into two groups:

Human context — finding better problems

This is about how existing human processes and systems might radically change or new ones emerge.  These are particularly relevant for deep digitality.  Typically these heuristics work by breaking or challenging the physical constraints of communication, production and transport … more on human context heuristics

Engineering — solving problems better

The second group of heuristics is about how we design physical systems differently, given the nature of digital technology   These are often based on trading engineering precision for computational power. … more on engineering heuristics

We can think of the former as finding better problems whereas the latter is about solving problems better.